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I was expecting some type of drama to lead into book 2, but not what actually happened. I was like wth is going on right now? Can't wait for book 2. Thank you to Shh group for hosting the giveaway and to Bethany-Kris for my signed paperback. As one of the best soldiers in la famiglia, he works hard to earn his button.

Mac is strong, confident, and a sometimes a bit arrogant. He also talks a lot. Always trying to explain to Melina what he thinks she's thinking. Melina is a high class escort with a big attitude. She has no family. She has no close friends.

Bethany Bound

So when Mac enters her life, she's scared about all the new feelings in her heart. She's also very insecure about herself. Although I found the story a bit repetitive, there were some good steamy and erotic moments. I'm definitely interested in where the story will go. Apr 27, Tanaka K The Romantic Angel Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcs , mob-mafia , totally-love-that-heroine , book-boyfriend , my-favourites , 5-star-reads , best-books-of They just give a certain hype. They also remind me of when I used to watch The Godfather My favourite mafia movie of all time eoth my dad.

I used to love the suspense of it, the different dynamics of characters, the action, the intrigue and the romance. Gun Moll truly reminds of the Godfather and that is why I loved this book so so much. Gun Moll is about a woman named Melina, an escort who just buried her father. She has no one in her life and being an escort is her only way surviving. She meets Mac, a soldier in the Italian mob who wants to be Made in the mob. Melina goes at the wrong place and she gets heat from the police and the Mob.

Mac propose they have a fake relationship but sometimes fake relationship turns real. Hell break lose and everyone starts to come after them.

dominance/submission when it's hard

The storyline was just pure genius. Everything just fit perfectly. The action, the intrigue and drama in the story was gripped me in and I was so engrossed in the movie. I loved every single moment in this book. Gun Moll told an awe inspiring story of survival. The story itself clicked snd it was due to the writing and the dialogue. The writing was so structured that made this book so easy to read. My eyes were glued to the book because everything flowed page by page. It had the right information and the writing felt lije obe writer was writing instead of two. There was true harmony to every single chapter.

I was amazed by it. The characters were so appealing and amazing to read. I loved that the writers gave us information about the characters. I loved the character development in this book. The characters were also unique and showed perfect and true chemistry. I loved Melina. She is the one who developed more in the book. She started out so closed off snd shut off and chapter by chapter I saw her walls down and I truly loved reading about.

I felt for her and her story. Mac is amazing. A strong, dirty talking and charming alpha male who turned me into mush. Together they were the perfect couple and the perfect contrast. Gun Moll is part one in the Gun Moll series and I cant wait for the next chapter.

ARC kindly provided by the author Bethany-Kris in exchange for an honest review. Dec 12, Tina rated it liked it Shelves: zreads , interracial-romance , romance-contemporary. I'm not sure how to really rate this since the story isn't over. It ends on a cliffhanger. One that leaves the story with NO resolution.

Alpha male books

Since this is a fairly long book, not sure why this had to be continued That said, this was pretty good. I typically don't read mafia books but I was attracted to this one because the title. I liked the idea of the heroine not being some naif who is swept off her feet by money and male charisma. There is a little bit of that, but Melina is that chi I'm not sure how to really rate this since the story isn't over.

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There is a little bit of that, but Melina is that chick -- that ride or die -- who handles her own gun and is on the tough side. Also, Mac isn't some slick suited mobster. Even in a mob story I like 'em a little blue collar. And Mac is certainly that, he's a foot soldier who is scrappily working his way up top. But yeah Not cool. Apr 19, Roisin rated it it was amazing Shelves: mafia-romance , squishy-love , bad-boy , broken-heroine , wow , bad-ass-heroine. I loveeeed Gun Moll!! I also love a bad ass heroine, which Melina completely was!! She was made for the lifestyle and completely held her own which I love to read about and was a nice switch up from the usual mafia principessas who are there to look pretty and play the I loveeeed Gun Moll!!

She was made for the lifestyle and completely held her own which I love to read about and was a nice switch up from the usual mafia principessas who are there to look pretty and play their part. Love love loveeed go read it now!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!! Apr 19, Expresso rated it it was amazing. I love Mac and Melina! This story is not the typical Mafia book. In most Mafia stories the male character is "made", already high on the food chain.

Mac is a soldier. It's totally awesome to read about how these men scrimp and scratch to pay their dues to their Capo. It's totally refreshing to understand how the process of becoming made from the ground up. Mac and Melina meet under unusual circumstances and the timing sucks. But who said love is fair?

Fate is a fickle heffa and she doesn't ask permission or wait on anyone. While Mac is working his way from the ground up to become a made man, he's forced to become responsible for one more person, Melina. Mac is in for a rude awakening because Melina can outshoot and kick anyone's ass who talks out the face sideways! Things are not easy for the duo but this thing between them is worth the hell they go through!

Someone is out to end the two This story is a great start to this series! It's dark, dirty, gritty, and is everything Mafia! The ending is gonna blown your mind! Definitely a WTF moment! Five stars because Mac and Melina are ride or die! Dec 05, Paganalexandria rated it really liked it Shelves: friends-add-to-the-story , interracial-romance , book-boyfriend , criminals , mafia , four-stars-or-almost-perfect , bad-ass-heroines , heroine-i-loved , unrealistic-black-hair-moment , deal-and-steals. Read as part of a buddy read in The Mafia Connection group.

Review to follow. Sep 02, Bev rated it really liked it Shelves: bethany-kris , bloody-loved-it , kindle-unlimited , mafia-mob-crime. Loved it! Mac is absolutely the hero I love reading about, he loves with everything he is and makes sure Milena knows that. He was all in and never waivered. Great twists and turns that have me itching to move straight on to book 2. Dec 09, Maria11 rated it really liked it. Awesome read Woah what a roller coaster. My stomach has gone up and down throughout.

Melina is the woman. Love her she is one tough cookie who is balls to the wall for her man! Mac is one hot man! Sexy as hell! And tough as nails. Lots of action and hot loving!

On to the next. View 1 comment. May 21, Aishah rated it liked it Shelves: crime-mafia-la-famiglia , free-copy-from-author , arc-for-honest-review , request-for-honest-review-from-auth , cultural-difference. Two individuals from completely opposite sides are entangled in a string of complications that leads to a scorching romance between Mac and Melina who is affectionately called doll by Mac.

While I like the writing of Bethany Kris I wasn't surprised by the difference in st "Playing pretend is a pretty serious game. I liked that the heroine though not from the Mafia background was a tough chick due to the influence from her father and Mac also was also a part of the Mafia but with no or little recognition in their organization and this part was very well portrayed not that I am an expert or anything on the matter just by my experience reading these types of genre. There will be several characters presented in parts from the fellow soldiers to the Capos handling them and superiors above them.

I also enjoyed the way the way Mac and his doll were actually culturally different and much emphasized was given on their different skin colors, this part was mentioned a lot in the book that I have the feeling social discrimination is very much prevalent in today's culture and maybe it is a way the authors would like to put their thoughts out there. I also noticed there were several light moments in the book which provided the much needed humor in the book.

Women tend to hold the power, after all. Men simply thought they did. This book has a lot of feminism in it as you will see Melina or doll affectionately referred as Mac is shown throughout her life fighting and surviving in this world with the hardship that she was in and Mac was also shown as someone who has great respect towards woman especially his mom and sister. Now Melina also learned self-defense, shoots guns, can speak her mind, independent, and bold and also was assigned a rather controversial career by the authors.

I am happy they made emphasis on her character like a lot in the book. I will explain the a lot in a the next paragraph of the review. It bored me, frankly since this is the first and mostly introduction is being made of the characters, situations and from where the story will pick up or carry on the next book. Strong scenes also lacked in the book like some shooting scenes which I find rather questionable as to why Melina used her abilities and not Mac since he had the weapon he is after all a Mafia soldier after all.

It is mind boggling sometimes common sense demands further explanation. I didn't really get the way Mac handled his and Melina's situation like the confrontation shown was like absurd. It's why I've always fought against it. Overall, this book is full with everything Mafia related and how the story is shaped around an innocent citizen such as Melina pulled into the dark and sometimes sinister ways of the underworld.

I have hope in my heart that they will be a power couple in pulling the right shots in their next novel in their series keeping my fingers crossed, and always remember to fight for your love not obsession!!! She'd always been a rebel and there was no need now to do anything differently.

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View all 3 comments. May 12, Marcella rated it really liked it Shelves: cliff-hanger , first-of-a-series , adult-contemporary-erotica , new-adult , hot-guy-alert , romance , alpha-male , intense , arc-netgalley , mafia. Arc provided by author : "What is a gun moll, anyway? She's a mobster's girl, the unsuspecting lady with a gun hidden under her coat, and the only thing a man Arc provided by author : "What is a gun moll, anyway?

What started off as intrigued flirting between strangers, accelerated into a life threatening journey that forced them to trust no one but each other. Melina has no one, needs one and doesn't want anyone because opening up only leads to disappointment, hurt and being let down. All she wants is the paycheck at the end of every predictable evening with her "dates. Maccari works hard, obeys every order from his Capo who takes credit for everything he does without so much as a thank-you.

For years this has gone on and Mac still isn't a made man. To keep his mother's house up and paid for, his sister happy and loved, he's an illegal fighter, winning money to help his family. He's never lost a fight and knows that won't change. Another day another fight, nothing new, except the beauty who walks in with a douche-bag unworthy of her one night. Through circumstances Melina and Mac keep bumping into each other, until one encounter forces Melina into Mac's world of bullets, la famiglia and constant danger. As expected these character's had chemistry that was hot hot! Both of them dabbling in the illegal world with both the Boss and cops breathing down their necks, they can't slip up.

Always looking over their shoulders they learn quickly they only have each other to trust and rely on to get out of this mess. Though it helps that they're attracted to each other but their attraction becomes much more the deeper they both go into the world of the Mafia. This was not my favorite of Bethany-Kris' books, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

It's always great to read about a guy who doesn't play games, hide behind a mask but is both upfront and still charming and arrogant. I understood Melina's bitterness but at times she came across as annoying with her "poor me" act. She was most definitely a strong willed, head strong woman but she was what she was because that's what she made herself to be. Through her bitterness to the world she had absolutely no one in the world she could turn to when she needed someone and all I could think was "rightfully so!

Like come on girl, you can't go through life alone and being sour and then blame the world for everything bad in your life. So when Mac came in and became her saving grace I did kind of feel like that was an easy break for her. No matter! I'm excited for the next book! Oh and that fight scene with Mac was super intense. I felt like I was there and it was nerve racking as hell!!!!

May 22, Venus Blancia rated it really liked it Shelves: crime , arc , release ARC was graciously provided by the author for an honest review. Since all is fair in love and war, Melina and Mac meet each other in passion, love, guns and roses with their enemies at large; and I think just find out yourself the banters, love and honesty Mel and Mac have showed in the story. Nov 23, Lady Heather marked it as to-read Shelves: suspense-thriller-romance , 1st-in-a-series , release , bethany-kris. I should still take care of you. That sounds more like worshipping, Mac.

No one had every loved her enough to worship the very ground she walked on, or had seen her for the beautiful gift she truly was. It nagged in his chest. Poked at him like a needle. Over and over. Like a damned tattoo was being penned permanently to his skin, reminding him that Melina deserved someone who would treasure and treat her the way she should be cared for. Mac sighed, shaking off the strange feeling. He continued washing her stress away. Apr 06, Christine rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs-netgalley-authors , 4-stars , contemporary , men-in-suits , hot-and-steamy , mafia.

I feel a storm brewing for the second book in the series! Review to come!! Apr 27, Kira rated it liked it Shelves: romance , mafia. I don't know what about this book I'm most insulted by: the fact that it honestly believes it's a mafia book or that it dares to call itself a romance. I had high hopes for it--I love Italian mafia-related content, and gangster romances are honestly so hard to come by because none of them I've read are any good. And now Gun Moll can be added to that sad little pile of disappointments.

Truth be told, I had problems from the beginning. I actually had to start this book over after putting it down for I don't know what about this book I'm most insulted by: the fact that it honestly believes it's a mafia book or that it dares to call itself a romance. I actually had to start this book over after putting it down for a long time before I finally buckled down and finished it with grim determination. For a book supposedly handling mobsters and explicit sex, the diction, sentence structure, and characters were all juvenile. At no point was I ever able to take anything seriously, especially with the two main characters.

Let's actually talk about them, shall we? Especially since they're the only characters that even matter. Everyone else was a caricature. First up is Melina Morgan, who works as an escort to pay off her veteran father's medical bills but also now his funeral bills. She's the typical "hard-ass bitch" trope who naturally has no friends or family and who doesn't open up to anybody because she doesn't want to get hurt.

Oh, also, she's so good as an escort that she never has to make money by having sex with her clients. Even the ones who push or get handsy with her stop once she gives them her hard, no-bullshit attitude. SureJan But none of that even matters because once she meets James "Mac" Maccari, most of her so-called grit goes out the window along with the majority of her agency.

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  3. Bethany Bound (Confessions of a Dominant Man #5) by Gulliver Noir.

But oh, what to say about Mac First of all, you almost couldn't have picked a less sexy name to call him, but I understand that the stereotypical Italian names Luca, Anthony, Enzo, Guido, etc. But I guess it's a moot point because there was nothing attractive about Mac at all. His arrogance was the kind that is just annoying to read. From the moment he spent two pages mansplaining to Melina why him calling her "doll" wasn't degrading despite all the evidence otherwise, I was done with him.

And what really sucks is, I love degrading pet names. I love "doll," but this book's treatment of it and its severe overuse just put me to sleep. Otherwise, Mac was completely boring. He's not a made man in the mafia yet, but of course, we never see him doing anything mafia-related. Sorry, did I say dire? I meant exceedingly dire.

At the police station, instead of getting a captain to speak to, her mom was handed a card for a grief counselor! After suggesting that his wife had been smart to get out when she did, Meredith told Nick what he must have already known, that he was in deep sā€” since Disco Mikey had given him that all-important password. Upon her exit, Happy was finally able to tell Nick that Hailey needed help. Nick armed himself with a fire extinguisher but passed out before the baddies had even crossed the threshold. Rather, he taunted Smoothie by revealing that he was preceded by his reputation ā€” for partaking in golden showers.

Then, he agreed to give his abductor the password. Which was? Not quite yet.